33+ Ideas How to Start A Bullet Journal Layout and

Some of you might have interests in Bullet Journal Ideas, Of course, that’s there a reason you are here, right? Talking about a bullet journal, I don’t know exactly where to begin. There are a bunch of good ideas I provide here on this page. The bullet journal ideas in this page include page ideas, doodles, format designs, and extras.

In this electronic age, the ideas of having bullet journal might sounds really old. This analog system would easily beat by the electronic notes journal. Well, many people still rely on a paper when it comes to writing journal even though they already have phones. It might be old stuff but it’s an ideal old stuff.

Some of you might need a motivation to begin writing a journal. Well, the stunning and impressive ideas of bullet journal in this article will motivate you to have your own bullet journal. A bullet journal will allow you to take your organizational abilities to the next level.

If you don’t have a bullet journal yet, you’ll be itching to obtain one after reading through these bullet journal ideas.

Bullet Journal Key Ideas

Bullet Journal Key Ideas

One of the important steps to form a bullet journal of yours is developing your secret. There are some helpful formats that will give you some option about what to put in the journal. Detailing out the bullet types is something to emphasize too.

For the icon, you can choose your shade coding, weather icons, and any icons possible. Here are some key ideas you can rely on to begin having bullet journal of your own.


Use A Combination Of All Of The Above In Your Bullet Journal Key

Some of you might get confused and about to ask a lot of questions about the way to keep all of those icons straight in your mind.  I think so, it seems that there’s no way to do that. Well, that’s the whole factor.

You see, you don’t have to do exactly like that. You can just do the things that work for you. You may need to keep your bullet journal to be at basic design if you think this one is quite complicated for you. Planning, Journaling and Bullet Journalling should be everything that works for you.

You don’t have to make everything too complicated even for you. That’s the elegance of having your own bullet journal.


Tape Your Bullet Journal Key To The Edge Of A Page

Bullet Journal Doodle Inspiration: Headers, Banners, and More

Bullet Journal Doodle Inspiration: Headers, Banners, and More

Having the bullet journal taped on the edge of the page is the most practical way to get you right into the page you want in your notes. You can color it with the distinctive color to get a great look at the appearance and also to get you easily to search your needs.

Planner Doodles Bullet Journal

As you can see, a more bill journal can be about all of those things such as goals of life, projects, financial, food, health, and travel. In Travel, you can write the place, city, or country you really want to visit. You will be more motivated to fulfill your dream traveling in the desired place.

Boho Berry additionally simply started these great “Doodle with Me” video clip collection on her Instagram account. So, make certain you follow her for future videos such as this one that instructs you how you can attract weather condition symbols as well as lots of various other bullet journal ideas.

Daily Layout Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

One of the staple formats that you will essentially be making use of daily are your agenda designs for your day, month, and also year. Below are some lovely format ideas to not only organize your day, however also trigger your creative thinking. I love just how they reveal there are numerous various instructions you could take depending on exactly what format you respond to one of the most. Some are extra straight, some are more natural as well as doodle-inspired.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Currently you have to tailor your bullet journal to you. Right here are over 25 ideas for different bullet journal pages you could add. After that, there are some ideas on the formats you can make use of listed below. Are there certain bullet journal ideas or page kinds where you need motivation? Allow us to know.

There are so many things to tell when talking about bullet journal ideas. Now, we are in a segment we are about to show some impressive bullet journal ideas, designs, and concept that would give you more motivations in getting your life more well-organized.

1. Meal Planning Ideas

Meal Planning Ideas

This one is the example of meal preparation layout. You can just imitate the organization of this journal. All of the lists are there to explore by you who wants to make planning ideas for a meal every day to keep your healthy.
This journal is incredibly functional. It’s using some distinctive post-this for different ideas of the dish, it’s relocatable. The colorful design looks blushing to every eye. It shows to us all that having a journal is not as boring as you think. It’s fun, actually.

This meal journal will help you to take control of the grocery store shopping. You just go through the master checklist and start examining which one is running out of stock. It really helps your preparation before going to the grocery stores.

2. Birthday Page Layout

Birthday Page Layout

Nowadays, people are likely to be remembered by Facebook reminders when it comes to friend’s birthday. But, it’s only for your friends who are on facebook. You may need to have a bullet journal for a birthday in order to get on track for your relatives who are not on the face.

It’s gonna a great idea to have a journal that promptly shows what birthdays are coming up this month. So, you can prepare for what to do for the celebration. A pointer can be quite helpful to get you always remember those dates again.

Instead of having plain black and white page layout for birthday reminder, you can’t choose to have it more interesting with all those colors. As you can see, a colorful design doesn’t just make it looks interesting, it also really helpful to get you easy in managing and organizing.

3. TV Show Bullet Journal Ideas

TV Show Bullet Journal Ideas

Some leisure activities can be having its own journal like this one. It’s existed for you who loves keeping track with your favorite TV Shows. You can make a list of the TV-shows or series that you eager to watch the whole season.
For example, if you want to keep in track with Criminal Minds series in its Season eleventh, you may need to mark the number of the episodes you already watched, so you can watch in the right order. This is very helpful for you who loves watching TV-shows and series.

There are a lot of interesting TV programs that you’ll love to keep in track with, you don’t have to be confused again about what is the next episode you need to watch, all of them are written on your TV Show bullet journal.

4. Ideas for Self-Care Layout

Ideas For Self Care Layout

Do you care about yourself? If you do, you might need to have this journal. This Self-Care journal will support you to have a little “me” time with yourself. This journal will be filled with happiness for your soul. You could set a well-planned schedule that focuses on the celebration of yourself for being awesome.

The activity in the schedule can include fun relaxing stuff like taking a bubble bath with candles. Find whatever makes you happy and relax. Make sure you set some activities that will relax you on the weekend to get ready for a week day. You can call it as Nurturing yourself.

Ideas For Self Care Layout

Similarly, you could produce a page with your early morning as well as evening regimens.

5. Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Ideas

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Ideas

You can make your daily duties a lot more interesting of a little cleaning schedule in your bullet journal. It’s a great example of your daily duties to be put into the journal. It will get you to feel a lit more achieved and efficient because you do the cleaning based on the list.

After you’ve done one or two duties, you can cross them off with a pen. If you like to recycle the cleaning timetable and reuse it week after week, you can use pencil instead.

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Ideas

6. House Projects Page Layout

House Projects Page Layout

Moving to a new house might be overwhelming because you’ll see a lot of things that need to work on. This bullet journal page idea is enjoyable, it aesthetically shows some house tasks you need to do. The format is very supportive and helpful.

You can plan it well in the journal about what should you do first and then. It can be based on the house design and also the budget you currently have. This house projects page layout is a great way to track and resolve the tasks one by one.

7. Travel Ideas Layout

Travel Ideas Layout Bullet Journal Ideas

It’s a journal that is designed for travelers and ready for an adventure. You can start with the list of places you want to go. In order to fill it up, you can just checklist them. It’s all up to ou, each person has their own dream city.

Getting into traveling mood need to be covered well. This exciting activity is one of the best uses of the cash. Of course, those are too many places on one list. So, it’s recommended for you to start listing of the locations.

#. Travel Tracker

Travel Tracker

It constantly impresses me how much of the United States I have yet to experience. A cross-country trip to strike a variety of the National Parks is still on my container listing. I like this bullet journal design idea to track which states you have visited by tinting every one know the map as you go.

8. Trip Planner

Trip Planner

Planning for a trip this month? You may need some trip planner in your journal. It’s a great design for you to prepare the trip with friends or family. Preparation is the most important part of making the journey more fun.

You can begin setting the bullet journal by investigating the place you are about to go and planning what activities you are gonna do there, and many more. This visual design of bullet journal is quite easy to manage. It will be really supportive for a well-planned trip.

9. Packing List

Packing List

Preparing to go on a journey? Getting everything set, the schedule, the locations, and the itinerary of the journey would complete the whole experience of the perfect journey.

All the schedule and activities have to be well-planned. This journal will be helpful to keep your activity to be in the right portion. You won’t lose your resting time. Taking a rest is so important in a journey, including enough portion of taking a rest is the key to a successful journey.

The Packing list will be included with all of the stuff that is useful for your journey. You can have them in different categories to get you easy to manage. This journal is one thing to complete the journey. You can reuse the previous packing list for the next trip.

10. Memories Log

Memories Log

While I do appreciate the benefit of tracking things on my phone and also constantly having them at my fingertips, I do miss out on several of the nostalgia of having paper documents of memories, which is why I like this idea. Every month, swiftly doodle a handful of points that took place to you and also you will certainly have this outstanding document to reflect on for years ahead. While photos are fantastic, there is something so attractive regarding having it summed up on a single page that you can browse month after month and also year after year.

11. Spending Log

Spending Log

You need to keep in track with your spending month after month, so you will know where your money has been going after all the months. It’s gonna be a useful exercise for you to manage your loans better.

You should think about investing your money in a smart way. You also have to be smart in managing it. This is the very first step to begin managing your money the right way and being responsible for all your spendings.

12. Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker

It’s pretty much the same as a spending log, but it’s more focusing on your bill payment. One of the brilliant ideas out there for tracking your expense on a single page only. For energies, you can conveniently see the patterns and recognize if there’s an inexplicable spike.

For instance, you will know right away when your electricity bill is two times greater one month compared to it typically is. You may need to find what’s gonna be the problem, is there a pipe leaking? Or something else’s happening? Who knows?

Many people like using the auto-pay service in their bank account because it’s practical for them. But, the downside of this service is you can’t remember to examine the amounts of your bill every month. Having this bill tracker in your bullet journal supports you to keep track with your bill amounts.

13. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker
bullet journal ideas

Next off, on our listing of bullet journal ideas, create a health and fitness tracker page. This will certainly aid you remain liable and also make you more likely to proceed with your physical fitness regimen. I particularly like 30-day difficulties since they have a clear objective that makes you feel completed when you reach it. I believe it is very important to have mini objectives in the process to maintain you engaged in your workouts.

14. Movies to Watch

Movies To Watch

The concept of this page is pretty much the same with the “Books to Read” and “TV-Show” page in Bullet Journal Ideas. Well, you may need to list upcoming movies you must watch in a year. For example, as you can see, that is a 2017 movie list. All of them are released in 2017, so you don’t have to get confused about movies to watch in a movie theater.

If you love superhero or horror movies you could fill up the page with all of those movies. It can also be filled with movies from the past that you don’t watch yet. It doesn’t have to be an upcoming movie you’ll watch in the theater, it can be the movie you’ll watch at home.

15. Books to Read

Books To Read

For all bookworms, this is the best section that’ll be in your bullet journal. It’s one of the good bullet journal ideas that’s very helpful for you to remind you to ready some books you want to read. A lot of people have tried doodling random notes or post-its on your smartphone, but they never reviewed it anymore.

Otherwise, when you write in on a book, the list will be a lot more useful. This conventional way of remembering books to read will be a lot more interesting than you can ever imagine. You just have to remember to open up this page of bullet journal after you finish reading the current book.

16. Wish List & Gift Ideas

Wish List & Gift Ideas

This is a timeless issue. You have ideas throughout the year of gifts that would certainly be best for your mommy or sis and after that when the holidays roll around, you can not remember them! The vacations are demanding sufficient. Utilizing this bullet journal idea will absolutely make a difference. Not only will your gifts be extra thoughtful, however you can complete your holiday shopping in a portion of the time.

17. Show Binging

Show Binging

It’s clear we are a culture of binge-watchers. I believe this suggestion from bujo_planner is a charming way to track just what period you remain in and also which episode you ended on when you dropped off after nine straight hours of a Grey’s Composition marathon.

18. Task Completing

Task Completing

The fundamental of all fundamental objectives for bullet journals: making your to-do lists. This layout from southerdaisybybh is so smart with the addition of the day’s climate too.

19. Quote Page

Quotes Page Bullet Journal Ideas

Start your day with a quote, then end your day with a quote. An inspiring quote can be a good motivation for you to start your day better. You can find a quote online or in a book you read. You can post the quote you find or a quote you made on your social media.

Having a page in your bullet journal to focus on monitoring significant quotes from writers, artists, celebrity, family, or even yourself. You can just call your quote page as an inspiring page or a motivational page that would make up your day.

20. Plan Your Adventure Bullet Journal Page

Plan Your Adventure Bullet Journal Page

It’s got an interesting design and innovative format that gets you easier to plan your trip. You can call it as an Adventure Bullet Journal Page. In this page, you can fill it with your monthly plans of having an adventure that covers the Hotel, Car, Flight, and Plan information.

Some icons or doodles would be interesting to make your adventure preparation more fun than ever. It’s actually an excellent idea for a recap page of your travel plans in the coming week. Fill it up with as much information as you need.

21. Full Page Monthly Layout Illustration

Full Page Monthly Layout Llustration

I enjoy the idea to feature a full web page illustration as component of your month-to-month layout. It is lovely as well as serves as a clear divider panel from one month to the following.

An attractive style is fantastic, but what concerning the web content to include in your monthly format? This bullet journal monthly format includes a range of log ideas I enjoy like a snapshot of the month’s events, objectives, and also birthday celebrations.

22. Goal Setting

Goal Setting

You can not arrive if you do not know where you wan na go. I enjoy this suggestion from emschwartzrdn concerning writing down a few objectives in various classifications of your life to help maintain your eyes on the reward.

23. Song Listening

Song Listening

Some people might have a problem to remember a tittle of songs and the singers too. Especially, when you hear the song on purpose and you begin trying hard to remember the name of the song from its tunes.

As you can see in the picture, you can write the name of the song that every time you hear it, you feel good. The “feel good” songs list will really help you to choose the song you want to hear anytime you want. This clever bullet journal page is designed by Pepper and Twine website.

24. Home Projecting

Home Projecting

Any individual else have a laundry list the dimension of Texas of what points you intend to boost around the house? No? Simply me? Well me as well as mebeleen I expect.

This extremely charming depiction of her home with all the little things she ‘d like to deal with in each area keeps points neat and also underwhelming. Which is specifically how residence enhancement projects must go.

25. Important Date Remembering

Important Date Remembering

There are some important dates that people have to remember in a year. The dates can be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration of someone special. In order to always remember the special dates every month, you may need to have this bullet journal page.

Remembering important date can be pretty complicated especially if you have a lot of close friends, families, and relatives that you want to have a good relationship with. You need to keep track with their special day to make you a good friend.

Being a person that remembers all special day would give you a time to prepare the gifts or presents, even set up a party for your loved ones. I recommend for you who wants to be a great friend of everyone, this is the one you need to have.


Overal, it’s important to have a journal that is filled with important information you need to remember. In the era of smartphones, you can’t rely everything on it because going conventional in some way might be the best thing you need to do. I believe these bullet journal ideas would be very helpful to support your activities every day.

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