Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids, Teens, and Adults [Indoor/Outdoor]

Children are fascinated by stories of hidden treasures and are enthusiastic about the idea of being able to find treasure. The treasure hunt is an activity that we can use as a pretext to organize walks with our children and give them the opportunity to know different places in our city or country. Moreover, it is easy to find

A scavenger hunt is good to develop curiosity in our children and instill in them a sense of belonging to the place where we live. We can achieve this through the experiences and knowledge acquired when visiting places of interest that are part of the history and heritage of the place where we live.

When designing a scavenger hunt, the highest priority should be to keep the interest of the children alive. Let them look for commonplace things in nature that are not difficult or daunting to find. Of course, security and constant supervision are of the utmost importance.

Your task will be to provide guidance, give one or two pointers and supervise the children. To make it more interesting for the older children, a small and friendly competition can be helpful. Make a small prize or candy for the group or the kid that can find most things on the list will also be more challenging.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This is list of scavenger hunt ideas that you might like and try it at home. lets check it out.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt ideas

Nature scavenger hunt is a fantastic opportunity for children to play cooperatively. In the other hand, playing this game will also help the kids to interact with their surroundings. They’ll surely have some fun when looking for natural elements in the list.

Everyone can be part of a single team, no matter how many children make up the group. The goal is to get to the end of the tests. It also offers us the opportunity to give it a theme, and thus find excuses to address issues such as nature through their tests.

Nature Scavenger Hunt List

For each characteristic of the list that meets an element, a point can be given or a minimum of one element per category can be requested.

The list of categories can also be of several styles.  For example, you can make a list from something solid, liquid, gaseous, mineral, vegetable, animal, that reflects the sun, translucent, opaque, flammable, not flammable, and symmetrical.

You can also turn it into a sensory connection with the environment with a pleasant smell, with an unpleasant smell, cold, tempered, sticky, soft, scratchy, decaying, in the process of change (but not decomposing), that can creak, that tickles, and that can hurt.

Last but not least, you can use thematic. Listings of colors, geometric forms, textures, animal tracks, remains of the season of the year, weights (something weighing between 0 and 1gr / between 1 and 20gr / and so), lengths, and simple series (for example, groups of 3 equal elements but of different sizes).

Scavenger Hunt Brown Paper Bag

Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Zoo Scavenger Hunt ideas

Do you have a plan to go to the zoo this weekend with the kids? It will be better if you trying something new than just meandering from one exhibit to the next. Also, the kids will surely have more fun when playing this in the zoo.

Zoo scavenger hunt is a nice way to enjoy the zoo with the kids. You won’t miss any animal in the zoo if you have listed it in the list. You can make a printable zoo scavenger or make it manually in a clipboard.

Before making a list of the animal in the zoo, it would be better to do a small research of the zoo that you want to visit. This thing will help you a lot when you make a list of the animal.

It will really worst to list an animal that there’s not in the zoo, isn’t it? That’s why a small research will be a good idea. After the lists done, give it and a marker or a pencil to the kids before you come to the zoo. They will be glad to receive it and can’t wait to play it. You can also use this scavenger hunt as a great topic for the ride home from the zoo.

Explore Texture Scavenger Hunt


You can go on a scavenger hunt with the kids if you want to explore your backyard or garden in a different way. There’s a lot of thing with different characters in there. The kids will not only explore their backyard or garden but also examine it. So, this activity will be a nice activity to do with them.

We’ve done color scavenger hunts in the past, so I intended to check out a new means to explore our yard and actually obtain the children to carefully analyze their very own yard.

Making a list of some texture for the scavenger hunts are either a great way to the kids to focus on the objects that they found in nature or a nice sensory explanation. Some textures that you can list are smooth, rough, hard, soft, prickly, fuzzy, etc.

Some textures that we looked for as:

  • Rough
  • Smooth
  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Pokey or Prickly
  • Fuzzy


If you already write down the list on a clipboard and prepare pencils or markers to cross the object that they’ve found, you can start to do it with them.

You must explain the list that you’ve made in the very beginning. Explain every texture listed on the list clearly. You can also give them an example if needed. But you need to make sure that example aren’t there in the place where you want to go for a scavenger hunt. So, they will still need to come up with it themselves.


For example, if you want to go for texture scavenger hunt outside, you can use an object in the home like a pillow to describe the soft texture. After the explanation is done, you can start the scavenger hunt.

Around Town Scavenger Hunt

Around The Town Scavenger Hunt

Doing a scavenger hunt around the town in summer will be a nice activity to do. Moreover, you can combine scavenger hunt and bingo if you have an older child. That would be fun to know how hard they try to find all the object in a row or a column.

To make it easier, you can look for around the town scavenger hunt printable and printed it. But you need to check it first whether all the object in the list is there in the place where you’re gonna play or not.

List Of Around The Town Scavenger Hunt

It is also nice to make a homemade around the town scavenger hunt list. Of course, you can only do it when you have many free times. So, just choose which one suit you better.

Whichever the list that you’re gonna use, it won’t affect the excitement of the children when playing this. Whether to use the printable one or homemade one, it is the same. The list of object that you can write down for around the town scavenger hunt such as swing, flag, porch swing, street sign, fire hydrant, stop sign, playground, etc.

Hunt for Treasure

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt does not need much space to be a success. A few rooms and the terrace or the garden if you have them are enough. Nor do you need many children. One is enough, although it is more fun with two or more.

Planning as many tracks as children have years is a good measure so that interest does not decay until the end of the route. If you have been away from home for a while, place them in places that have a special value for them: inside your favorite drawer, hidden behind the stuffed animal you love.

For children who still can not read, you can draw the object that hides the track or even takes a picture and prints it. For elders, make a short description type: “Take three steps forward and two steps to the left, you will find a colored object. Look for an object that starts with the letter X, the object you should look for serves …”

The goal is the last stage of the treasure hunt and the most fun because it will be associated with an immediate consumption prize: a box with candy or trinkets to play. It can also be something that the child desires a lot like tickets to an amusement park or the cinema to see the latest movie of his favorite hero.

Do not make it too easy, hide the treasure very well to give more emotion to the game. Besides the treasure, you can give them a diploma on parchment for having found it. If many children have participated and you have organized two teams, you can also print diplomas of participation in the treasure hunt for those who have not won.

Treasure Box Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Box Scavenger

The pirates from the stories are always on the lookout for great treasures that are often hidden in a decorated treasure chest on a lonesome treasure island. The treasure boxes are usually made of wood.  

Since a wooden treasure chest is much more complicated to craft, you can use a few alternatives to the wood. For example, you can spice up the empty egg box and make a real treasure chest with it.

Treasure Box

If you want to make the bigger one, then cardboard is the best material for it. In general, the bigger the treasure chest, the more treasures you can find or keep in it. With cardboard, you can make treasure chests of any size and decorate them in different ways. In addition, you do not need to buy this material but can use old boxes made of various items.

You can also use a simple box such as cosmetics box and others as the treasure box. Then, fill it with crinkles paper or any recycled materials. Put some real coins or chocolate coins and mixed it up in the treasure box that you have. It will be a nice indoor activity for the toddler to dig through the treasure box and hunt for the object.

Coin On Treasure Box

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids to Find Shapes

Photo Scavenger Hunt to find Shapes

This kind of scavenger hunt is really nice to do in summer before the children head back to the school. Especially if your children are like to take photos. You can do this activity in the garden, backyard, in the playground, or even at home. To take the photos, you can use a phone camera. It will be easier for the children.

List all the shapes that the children might find in the area where you gonna do the scavenger hunt. A square, triangle, rectangle, and circle is the basic shapes. You can also add oval, star, heart, semi-circle, ellipse, trapezium, and so on. But, you need to make sure that there is an object with that shape in the place where you play.

Find The Triangle

Spy Games Scavenger Hunt

Spy Game Scavenger Hunt

You can go on a spy games scavenger hunt to get the children moving. It is an easy and fun way. They will surely love this game. You can set up the scavenger hunt maze of tape in your living room, hallway, children room, or anywhere. Strung painters tape back and forth at different height across the room. You can also replace the tape with ropes.

After that, you can stick pom poms to each string of tape or on the floor. You can make some rules for this spy scavenger hunt like if the children knocked down a piece of tape, they need to go back to the beginning. The goal is to go from the beginning to the end and collect as many pom poms as they could along the way.

Our policies to the ‘Spy’ Scavenger Hunt:

1. The point was to obtain from the beginning to the end.

2. And also grab as numerous pom poms as you could along the road.

3. If you tore down an item of tape, you had to go back to the beginning, allow me repair it, and after that start over. (I got my exercise in as well stepping over all the items of tape.).

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Camping Scavenger Hunt

On a camping holiday with the family, scavenger hunts offer plenty of opportunities for the children and the parents. Many children and parents are very likely to have a natural exploration that can easily be lived out by a good scavenger hunt.

In addition, a well-planned hunt offers parents the opportunity to teach their children about the great outdoors. Gathering ideas on what to look for in a spontaneous scavenger hunt is not that hard. Actually, you just have to look around in the area.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

The specifics of your campsite will help you determine the scavenger hunts. Remember, it does not necessarily have to be “found” items. Experience-based lists can be just as fun.

The items in a deciduous forest that you can include like an oak leaf, an acorn, dandelion, a pine cone, raccoon traces, game marks, a piece of pine bark, a “maple seed helicopter”, some leftover garbage that can be returned for recycling, etc.

Walk Scavenger Hunt Leaf Counting

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Leaf Counting

Do you want to teach your children mathematics in a fun way? You can try to make walk scavenger hunt leaf counting. This kind of scavenger hunt uses one-to-one correspondence skill to work on. It is a bit trickier than just collecting leaves and then counting it.

One-to-one correspondence the ability to match one element of a set with another element of another set. So, this time the children should match one object with one number. You can take a photo of each leaf that you want them to look for and write down the number of that leaf. Then print it and give it to your children.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt Leaf Counting

Ask them to write down the number first on the porch with a chalk. For example, if there are seven leaves to find, they should write 1 till 7. Then, they can start to collect the leaves and determine which leaf suit the number 1, 2, and so on.

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

I know that Easter is still a month away, however when I obtain a fun suggestion I consider it until it obtains done. I am extremely thrilled to conceal Easter eggs for my boy and also his relatives this Easter. Possibly its a brand-new parent thing. Last Easter my boy was 5 months old therefore we did no Easter egg hunt. This year he will certainly be the best age to go seeking Eggs in my mom and daddy in law’s acreage. I enjoy the concept of the children all looking for Easter eggs, after that interacting to place a problem together to obtain an unique Easter message!

This one will be just a perfect activity to do in Easter. It is a fun way to teach your children cooperation. You can put one puzzle on each Easter egg and get the children to look for it in an area. Then, they will work together to put the puzzle in the right place to find the message.

You can paint the puzzle with acrylic paints or any other painters and decorate it with Easter theme. Also, you can write anything in the puzzle like your children’s name or a message or a prize that they’ll get if they able to solve it. The children will surely love and challenged to do this scavenger hunt and solve it.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
A door-to-door scavenger hunt ideas sending players around the neighborhood to asking for common household things.

You can let your children play backyard scavenger hunt to have fun. Perhaps, you are familiar with classic door to door scavenger hunt, but the game changes where kids can do it outside the house. The door-to-door scavenger hunt is a cool game that allows kids to knock doors and find some tiny items such as a pen, penny, safety pin and much more in their neighbor’s house.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Somehow, the players can actually do it outdoor and they do not need to knock a door anymore. Simply, players only need to find some hidden items outside the houses of the neighbors. Now, the game changes into park scavenger that let kids or players find some things in the park and collect them.

This scavenger hunt idea may also include additional activity during the search in order to add more value to the game. Well, you just need to write down some items that they need to find out, and then you can ask them to play basketball, find a tree branch, monkey’s bars, do 10 pull up, find a green area, and much more.

Do it now!

Door To Door Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas
ask kids to looking for items around the home every moment you lose your keys (just kids)

Sometimes, the outdoor scavenger hunt is not possible if it is raining outside. But, players can still play indoor scavenger hunt to find some fun during a day off without going outside of the house.

This is a great scavenger hunt idea which is actually quite simple. Let us call it as a home scavenger hunt where kids can try to find some items inside the house such as keys, pens, penny, and etc.

Simply, you can create a list of hidden items that they must search for. For example, when you are waiting in a long line, you can just take a piece of paper and then create a list of items which could be searched for such as a picture, a magazine, stapler, and much more.

You can also try to write in the list for finding dad’s wallet.  If there is no item to find, maybe you can ask your kids to find somebody with special characteristics such as someone with white hair, someone with earrings, someone with a long beard, and much more. From this game, you can also increase your children’s social skills in which they must talk to somebody who has the special characters like someone from another country, and many more.

Do it now!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

In addition to the home scavenger hunt, tip scavenger hunt idea is a good choice to kill your kids’ time when you drive your car across the nation. Of course, your kids will have fun in the car. The game concept may be a bit different from indoor scavenger hunt because players only need to find something that they can see.

For example, you can ask your kids to count cellular towers along the way or mention some animal names that you see along the trip. During the trip, you may also see each license plate and say where you are now based on the plates. It is a really simple game but you do not grab several items along the road.

So far, this scavenger hunt is really a good idea to avoid boredom during the trip. You can laugh together with your kids in the car while dad still focuses on driving before reaching the destination.

Do it currently!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Not from The United States and Canada? Make a checklist of certificate plates where you live and also spend your following family members trip trying to find them all.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to assist kids open their eyes to the globe around them and also take a look at things a little bit much more very closely.

Plant scavenger hunt: Make a checklist of plants to look for in your location. Holly Smith shared a basic fall fallen leave scavenger hunt with My Kids’ Journeys. You might send kids on a search for different blossoms, trees, plants or various shades or forms they find in nature.

Animal scavenger hunts

An animal scavenger hunt can also be a great idea to have some fun with other kids because the kids are able to see some animals in the forest or zoo and mention the name. Some animals that they may see are bugs, birds, butterflies, goat, and others.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Meanwhile, there are so many animals that they can see in a zoo including dangerous mammals. This is a fun classic scavenger hunt which is also really educative according to Stephanie Montalvo idea on its My Kids’ Adventure article. Kids do not need to go to the forest to find animals because there are also some animals found in the park.

Just ask them to count all of the bugs that they see around the part. If you choose a zoo, you may make a list of the animal names that the kids must find later on. Suppose you go for a walk with your kids, you can ask the kids to mention the name of various pets that they see along the road.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Going for a trip? The kids may mention some animals that they find along the way. If you do not see any animals, then you probably can ask the kids to find animal tracks, skins, or shells. Then, they must mention the name of the animal based on the tracks they found.

Act it currently!

Nature Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Shopping Scavenger Hunts

shopping scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt ideas

Shopping Scavenger hunt can be a great idea to play “finding item” when you go shopping along with your kids. There are so many items that they can see in the mall or grocery. When you want to buy something, you just ask your kids to find the things that you want to buy.

But, you are recommended to write down the goods names that you want to purchase. After the game is done, you may give a special bonus to your kids and ask them to find their favorite chocolates.

Swap meet scavenger hunt idea is also good choice to make it more fun where kids may meet the stuff and then take a picture with them along with the items they have found. Of course, the kids need to be guided by their parents to play this game. If it is possible, you can ask the kids to find items that they may not see before.

Care: Parents ought to take part in this together with the kids.

So, it will be a great challenge because they have to read the item names. You can start with the easiest one and increase the level up to the most difficult items. In the final, you can count how many item each kid finds and say the winner.

Do it currently!

Swap Meet Scavenger Hunt

Make-It Scavenger Hunts

Make It Scavenger Hunts

Make-it Scavenger hunt is a great idea to get some help from your kids when you are preparing a craft project, dinner, and others. So, you just let them to gather some items or materials needed to make something you need. Not only kids, an adult can also play this game because this game is a bit difficult. During your birthday party, you can also try to play this game with your friends.

You can ask them to gather around the city and arrive at the same parking lot with some items they bring. Your friends may bring a box of pizza, some cups of tea, and other foods or items. For the kids, you do not let them go around the city, but you can play it at home.

Simply, you can ask the kids to find something you need in the refrigerator or pantry or give them a clue. In the end, when they collect the whole items, you just make them surprised with foods that they can eat for their effort. This make it scavenger hunt idea is also good when you want to create a craft project where you can let them to collect some items you need.

For numerous art or craft jobs, you have to gather materials from various places, like the fallen leave discolored glass from Sarah Shipley or the A-Z outdoor pictures from Jillian Kay. Make a listing of the products needed as well as transform the task right into a scavenger hunt.

Act it Now!

Sweet Surprise Scavenger Hunts

Chore Scavenger Hunts

Chore Scavenger Hunts

If you are confused how to clean your house, then you can get some help from your kids. Simply, you can try Chore scavenger hunt to clean the house with fun. This is a cleaning game that has a winner.

Of course, you need to give the winner a present after the game. First of all, you can try room cleaning race where you can ask your kids to clean some items fast. It will be really helpful because you do not need to clean the house alone. Somehow, this can also be done outdoor during the outbound activity where you can ask the kids in the group to clean some trash around the environment.

This can be a good education that makes your kids care more about the city. Simply, you can divide the members into several groups, and then each group searches for trash nearby in a specific area and write down the trash they find. Or you can also make a list of trash name or item names like bottles, plastic, and cans, so they must find these items in the game. This activity is not just a game but the kids may care about the environment more and the world will be clean.

In my clean-up scavenger hunt short article, I revealed you the best ways to turn a community service task– tidying up garbage– right into a fantastic group task that aids teach kids to deal with their community.

Chore Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Act it now!

Clutter Busters Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Themed Scavenger Hunts

Themed Scavenger Hunts

During your birthday party, you can also try to make theme scavenger hunt that suits the theme. You just need to select some typical items that suit the theme or you can also create some lists of the items. Somehow, the items will be really difficult to find because the items may only be found in a special event only, so you can hide some items for yourself for cheating.

To add more fun, you can ask the members to wear a special costume and let the players find some items according to the list and put them in a place. Well, this theme scavenger hunt idea will be so much fun because the players need to find rare items. This can be really challenging for kids, but when they find some items they look for, they must be really excited. Not only kids, adults can also play this fun game during a special event. During the wedding party, you can ask your friends who visit the party to bring some items that they can show after the event.

We started my boy’s Harry Potter– themed birthday celebration party with a scavenger hunt with Diagon Street, the wizards’ shopping center. Guests had to visit the financial institution to obtain some cash, then discover the shops (tables) to purchase wands, bathrobes, spellbooks and other things they would certainly be making use of in the various other games during the celebration. The scavenger hunt was an enjoyable way to set the scene. You could develop a hunt to fit any kind of type of occasion.

Themed Scavenger Hunts

Educational Scavenger Hunts

Educational Scavenger Hunts

Make learning fun by turning it right into a scavenger hunt!

Having fun with scavenger hunt is a great idea to get knowledge where you can do in in some spots like historic landmark, museum, and even library. For example, you can create a list of the items that your kids must find when you want to visit Library. You can ask them to find a book with specific titles and then ask them to read a few pages of the book.

You can also ask them to find your favorite books in the shelf. This must be a great idea to let your kids play while learning things from the activity. When you visit a museum, you can also ask the kids to mention some items inside the museum and ask them to write down the item names in the museum.

Anyway, there are so many spots that can be a good choice for educational scavenger hunt idea so your kids will get information and knowledge from their activity. Some of the places that you may try for education scavenger hunt game are zoos that allow your kids to learn about animal names. Moreover, you can also just simply use a book for this scavenger hunt where you can ask the kids to finds some words in a book and find the translation in other languages.

Do it now!

Educational Scavenger Hunts

Technology Scavenger Hunts

Technology Scavenger Hunt Ideas

This can be a good idea to use smartphones for something useful rather than just taking selfie pictures or playing games. It is called a technology scavenger hunt that allows your kids to take pictures that you ask. Simply, you can create a list of items that they need to find and capture.

For example, you can create find butterflies, ants, flowers, bugs, and then ask the players to take the pictures of those animals. They do not need to collect those items or touch them, because the pictures will be the evidence that the players have passed the command.

Of course, this activity can improve their photography skill just in case your kids want to be a great photographer. Online technology scavenger hunt is also great idea using some apps like Google Maps where you can ask the kids to find the capital cities of certain countries in the list.

Technology Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Sample clue from a reverse photo scavenger hunt. Players must find this birdbath and take a matching photo.

This is not only fun, but it can also give them some education. Using a PC, you can also create a technology scavenger hunt where you can create some hidden folders with several pictures and ask the kids to find the exact pictures according to the list you make.

Take the opportunity to educate your kids regarding net safety.

Act it now!

Online Scavenger Hunt


Celebrate Scavenger Hunt Ideas

When gamers go back to finish line with their loot, check it versus their checklist and also honor a reward to the victors.

After that commemorate a work well done by every person with a yummy reward.


A scavenger hunt is one of the matchless group games. You can play it in almost any location, although outdoor hunting offers a special charm and more fun. From small children to grandparents, people of all ages love to look for things.

Also, a treasure hunt does not have to cost a penny, all you do is write a list of objects to find, or if you’re not the creative type, download a ready-made list, free of charge from the Internet.

You will see how entertaining it is to know your locality or to explore a place and how to play with your children in search of treasure becomes an experience of acquiring new knowledge reinforced by entertainment. So, which scavenger hunt ideas you are gonna have with the children this week?

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